Shipping and Delivery

Quality, fit and coverage is our top priority, that`s why each set is made to order according to your make and model using precise manufacturer measurements to ensure perfect fit. DreamCarz1 requires approximately 4-5 days to process each order. If additional information is required, delivery times could change.

To deliver your order as accurate and fast as possible, please make sure you provide all car details when ordering. You can use the Other Details section to specify any special vehicle details.

Once dispatched, you can expect delivery within 7-10 working days. Please be aware that some countries can stop parcels at border for security checks and import taxes. These can add to total delivery times. Depending on your country laws, some will impose extra taxes in accordance with the import laws. These extra charges are out of our control, not imposed by DreamCarz1 or the couriers we use. All these taxes are government imposed, they receive 100% of these charges. If you failed to pay these charges, parcels can be held for up to 90 days, awaiting payment. This will delay any return or refund process, and could fail to qualify for our refund policy.

Due to the Covid19 issues all around the world, some parcels could be delayed and we have seen in rare instances delays of 7-14 working days on top of our normal shipping times below. We are doing our best to reduce the impact and make sure your order is delivered safely and in time but unfortunately, each country is imposing different measures to reduce the spread of Covid19 and tougher customs or quarantine checks