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Platinum Floor Mats (Maroon) - Volkswagen


  • DreamCarz1 Floor Mats 

    3D Floor Mats that not only protect your floor but also the sides associated with it. A beautiful appearance combined with the practicality of other high end mats make DreamCarz1 Mats the future that is now here.


    What is Eco Leather?

       Rugs from Eco Leather destroy the usual stereotypes about auto accessories, due to the universality and reliability of the materials used, they will help push the boundaries of interior tuning. The individual design of each product combines comfort, luxury and personality. Thanks to the choice of color and type of materials used, various stitches and logo logos, complete harmony is achieved in the interior, which inevitably creates an atmosphere of complete completion of the vehicle interior.

    According to its characteristics, the German Eco-leather is not inferior to such materials as rubber or carpet. It is durable and unpretentious in the care, due to the unique composition, which does not contain moisture absorbing materials, rugs can be washed with a conventional wet sponge, while discarding all doubts about their safety

    More Protection For Your Car


    DreamCarz1 Floor Mats cover more area than any other brand’s floor mat in the market, providing the best level of protection. The 3-D contour design is created to prevent dust and liquid from going underneath the mats and damaging your vehicle's floors. Whether it's pouring rain, snowing, or dry outside, our waterproof floor mats allow you to have a great time with your family no matter where or when you go! Along with the mats being Waterproof, they are also fire and scratch resistant. 



    1.Heel Driver Tech – Premium heel support plate for added grip, comfort and safe driving
    2. Soft Comfort – Soft padding across the mat for added comfort, soft and premium feel
    3. Centre Console Enhance  – Unique design covering centre console. Moulded to fit up to plastic trimming
    4. Side Design –  Some models will benefit from side of seat coverage



    Custom Made for Each Vehicle

    The mats are custom made according to each model and the fitting of the mats is guaranteed by our company. Each layer of our leather car floor mats is carefully designed and manufactured to promote both durability and elegance. In addition to being All Weather Floor Mats these mats are also Waterproof, Fire Resistant, Flexible and easy to clean.


    Product Key Points

    • Waterproof – perfect in any weather keeping water and moisture away from your carpets
    • Extra durable – tested over 2 years in all conditions, with dry and wet shoes, high heels, trainers and boots to ensure they will last 5x longer than normal car mats. We use the best Eco Leather available to ensure our mats last many years.      
    •  Easy clean – traditional car mats are very hard to clean, but Diamond premium car mats stop dirt from going inside the mats making them very easy to clean. A quick vacuum and wet cloth wipe is all they need. 
    • Noise insulation – supreme coverage and thickness for whisper quiet cabins suppressing over 30% of car floor noise.
    • Coverage – unique design and precise measurements help us deliver 90% coverage including the rear centre transmission tunnel, sides of centre console and right next to the door seals.
    • Perfect fit – precise manufacturer measurements are used to custom make our mat for each make and model ensuring perfect coverage and easy installation


  • Orders are usually shipped out on 6th working day after an order is placed since it takes about 5 working days to make the mats. Once shipped the item will reach you within 7 working days. Sometimes there can be a delay of 2-3 days. You will receive a notification along with a tracking number once it has been shipped.Once an order has been shipped, there cannot be any change in it. In case you want to cancel the order or change it kindly contact us before it is shipped.

  • Installation time: 3 min (No tools needed or special skills)

    Just as simple as installing any car mats, as each set is made to order according to your make and model to ensure easy fit.

    Step 1: Move your front seats all the way back and slide the front mats in. Since the mats are custom made there won't be any issue. Make sure that you get the footrest area of the mat completely over the footrest so that the rest isn't any problem. Make sure that the mats are aligned with centre console panel and door seal.

    Step 2: Secure the raised sides using the clips attached to the mats. These simply turn upwards and slide under your plastic trimmings.

    Step 3: The rear mat will sit on the floor. It’s height will be a little higher than the seat so that it can be tucked under/around it.

Shipping and Delivery

We offer Free Express Shipping to United States, Canada, UK and Australia. Standard Free Shipping is offered to all other countries. 

All products are shipped with a 6 working day period after an order is placed. Once shipped, you will be issued a tracking number and you order will be delivered within a 7 working day period after the shipment date. Please note that sometimes there can be a delay o 2-3 days. 

Payment Methods

We accept payment from VISA, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Paypal.


We provide a Fitting and Quality Guarantee for all our mats. Furthermore all our products have a 6 Month Replacement Warranty and you can claim the warranty by just sending us an image of your mats and your order number.