Using Laser 3D scanned interior templates we ensure that you get the best possible fit for your ride.


Innovative design that provides you more protection than standard mats.

What are Floor Mats by DreamCarz1?

Do you remember the excitement you got when you bought your first car? To certain people, the experience mirrors the same experience of a newborn baby, to others it is a symbol that identifies you and your accomplishments. Right after you walked out of the dealership, one of the first things that probably popped into your mind was, “How can I protect my car without sacrificing its elegant interior?” But when you did your research… there was simply no satisfying answer.

Now you do. Our Floor Mats not only protect the interior of your car but also make sure that it looks luxurious as well. Made from High Quality Microfiber Leather, these mats are custom built for every car, by our expert production team.